Platinum Vehicle Storage
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Welcome to our exciting new business at Encounter Bay (Victor Harbor) where we provide Service - not self service.
Do you:
1) really need your RV, boat, car or caravan taking up all that space in your driveway or yard while you are not using it?
2) avoid eye contact with your neighbours?
3) fear the elderly tripping over your protruding drawbar when they go on their evening walk?
4) worry about the damage that maybe caused by vandalism, graffiti, theft?
5) worry about the damage caused by the salt air, thunderstorms and harsh sun?

Then perhaps Platinum Vehicle Storage can help you.

Platinum Vehicle Storage is ideally suited for luxury vehicles, caravans and mobile homes. This undercover storage building will protect your pride and joy from the outside elements and envious onlookers. 
Benefits of Storing Your RV, boat, car or caravan.
Whether you’re looking for a secure place to store your vehicle or you simply need to make room in your garage or carport, there are many benefits to keeping your RV, boat, car or caravan in a storage space or unit. 
Storing your car or van gives you: 
1) Safety and security for your vehicle Protection from extreme temperatures and natural elements (e.g. sun and hail damage) 
2) Protection from potential damage by other vehicles or elements (e.g. tree branches) 
3) Lower risk of theft or vandalism 
4) possibly lower insurance costs (some insurance providers offer lower premiums for people who keep their vehicle stored). 

From keeping your vehicle looking its best to reducing the risk of damage or theft, storing your RV, boat, car or caravan in a professional storage facility – rather than keeping it in your garage, driveway, lawn or street – will give you peace of mind. 

Clarify the legalities of leaving it parked on the street. Also check with your Insurance Company too. They might have different ideas as to where it should be parked - not where you might like/have to park it. 

It maybe subjected to graffiti, vandalism and acts of theft etc. 

Might be cheaper - in the long run - to pay for on secure/undercover storage. 

Why would you leave such an expensive item so exposed to vandals/thieves/council inspectors/neighbours' complaints/poor drivers? 
Very high double doors, so access is not a problem.

We offer Valet parking….yes, you can drop your RV, boat, car or caravan out the front. We will chock it and then we push it inside.
Company policy is that no customers are permitted to manoeuvre vehicles inside the building.
When you want to pick it up, please give us as much notice as possible and we will have your van or boat out the front awaiting your arrival. 

Spaces are limited.

We offer monthly tyre pressure checks and external vehicle cleaning, if requested.

We can offer a tilt tray service. (at additional cost).

We place tamper proof security tags on compartment doors for your security and peace of mind.

We value your business, so even though other customers might glimpse your asset, rest assured that confidentiality is maintained.

There is no public access so you can rest assured your vehicle will be kept safe.

Please note: Prior bookings are essential to ensure space availability.
Our storage facilities operate by appointment only.

Non running & unrestored vehicles welcome (must be rolling & steerable or on dollies).
There is easy access for car transporters and trailers.

I am an owner of classic vehicles and am passionate about the care of others, so we treat your pride & joy like our own, so you can store with confidence. 
Inspection, vehicles in and out are by appointment only. We would appreciate a minimum of 24hours notice, if possible. 
Inspection, vehicles in and out are by appointment only. We would appreciate a minimum of 24hours notice, if possible. 
Please think about it. Do you want peace of mind!